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"M1 Group is a leading group with diverse experience for more than 15 years in the field of law, accounting, taxes, auditing, and providing consulting and legal services. Our office occupies a distinguished place among accounting offices in Egypt and Dubai, because we work as one integrated team to meet the diverse needs that serve companies and individuals in In various fields, our goal is to be the appropriate partner for our clients who always strive to develop their business through a distinguished team at the highest level of standards of integrity, technical skills and professionalism, and to seek the assistance of experts from the heads of the Tax Authority and the Appeals Committees as our advisors in everything related to tax and legal procedures.”

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مصر :94 عبدالعزيز فهمي ,ميدان سانت فاطيما ,مصر الجديده .


دبي: مبنى ندى ، رقم الشقة 502 ، الشارع الأول بارشا ، البارشا 1 ، دبي