Our Services

We provide a comprehensive range of professional accounting services. Our breadth of services provides you with a one stop for your accounting, taxation, and financial needs.

Tax accounting
  • Preparing and submitting tax returns for general taxes and added value on sound professional grounds and in accordance with the requirements of laws and instructions in force and handing them over or following up on their delivery to various orders in legal dates.
  • Carrying out the necessary review, auditing and preparation of tax examination and accounting work for all types of taxes, and he took this with the relevant tax orders .
Tax services
  • Our office provides tax consulting services to our corporate clients from the beginning of preparing tax examination documents, attending a tax examination to clarify the company’s point of view and avoiding tax disputes from the beginning of the examination.
  • Follow-up on appeals procedures, attendance of internal committees and appeals committees, and ensuring that company procedures and tax examination procedures are consistent within the framework of relevant tax laws.
  • The work of the committees necessary for tax accounting in orders and reaching the best results for clients.
  • Follow up on what is referred to the public tax appeals committees or the value-added tax grievance committees and provide the necessary defense on a professional and objective basis to obtain the best decisions for clients.
  • Follow up on tax or financial cases that are considered by the courts for clients and appear before the expert office and provide the necessary defense on a professional and objective basis to obtain the best rulings for clients.
  • Prepare files to obtain funds for all projects.
  • Our Auditing and Assurance service provides insight on the current state of firms, exploring the legitimacy of firms’ financial statements and providing assurance to investors and capital markets.
  • M1 group’s dynamic work environment also supports firms’ bookkeeping process to ensure effective reporting in line with the regulatory framework. We strive to provide rich audit insights and evidence, to streamline firms’ growth plans and ambitions.
Accounting and tax Training
  • M1 group provides training courses in the areas of taxes, accounting and auditing , in an effort to develop employee skill sets and expand their abilities.
  • Through our complete training packages, we aim to create a new caliber of management armed with skills that reflect in the corporate world. It will develop them into visionary decision makers refining the future of corporate life in Egypt.
Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Directing and assisting financial departments in preparing financial statements in accordance with the Egyptian accounting standards.
  • Providing the necessary advice and assistance to the higher departments of the money companies to prepare the management report on the company's activity in each financial period in accordance with the requirements of the law .
  • Reviewing and auditing financial statements according to the auditing standards in light of the provisions of the applicable local laws and instructions, and then issuing audit reports for that .
  • Coordination with the management of money companies ( Contribution – Limited Liability ) To invite the company's regular general assembly to consider approving financial statements, management reports, the auditor, attending the meeting and signing all The papers necessary for him as an auditor of the company.
  • Organizing, maintaining or supervising accounts in the best and easiest way.
Government Services
  • We can assist you in dealing with the Ministry of Investment, Capital Market Authority, and other government authorities.
  • We will help you to prepare the necessary documents, submit the required reports, and follow up on your applications.
  • We will also represent you in meetings and negotiations with government officials.
Establishing Corporations
  • Establishing, amending, dissolving and liquidating companies of all kinds, as well as individual establishments.
  • Registration and deregistration in value added taxes.
  • Enrollment in the records of importers, exporters and commercial agents in the General Authority for Export and Import Control.
  • Opening and closing social insurance files and carrying out all related work.

At M1 Group, we are committed to your business's success and growth.